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Let's mix it up...ha...

About Me

I'm the guy singing in the car next to you. checkout my original stuff at or my cover band at

Favorite Songs

physical - olivia newton john, 99 red balloons - nena, material girl - madonna, since u been gone - kelly clarkson, crimson and clover - joan jett

Favorite Artists

Superchunk, Pete Yorn, Ryan Adams, Foo Fighters, Anne Murray, Pat Boone, Dean Martin....

Favorite Albums

Lately... Coldplay - Viva La Vida Priestess - Hello Master Black Crowes - Warpaint Kathleen Edwards - Asking For Flowers The Animals - Retrospective The Ramones - Rocket To Russia Bruce Springsteen - Darkness on the Edge of Town

Recent Concerts

Ben Harper, Steve Earle, Blue Rodeo, Black Crowes, Chasing Mercury, Nine Inch Nails.


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The Devil is in Hell



Songs With Numbers

Double Shot

IMP 06/07

We're all running from something...


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Glad you liked my mix! Your musical tastes seem appropriately random to have enjoyed it . . . Woo hoo!


Hey man your July mix confused me only in that it didn't arrive in August... wha?! An IMP on time!? I was worried when I saw it was a theme mix, these often play like a napstered keyword playlist, but this was actually well thought out and wonderful. Any song that didn't fit in terms of being a modern indie song (like Dean Martin) fit in style and by contrasting. Beautiful! Then, as if that wasn't enough you had a very tight CD package; a nicely designed colour CD cover with tracklist. What more could I ask for A+++


hey! I got your june mix the other day, a lot of new really good bands! I like how oit switches back and forth from more pop stuff to folkish songs. and hallucinations is deffintly a new favorite song! All in all a real solid mix, thanks man Bradley


Thanks for the mix and theme idea! Every single one of us the Devil inside, indeed...


Hi Pete, thanks for the CD, a good mix of old and new on a universal theme!


hey pete real glad you enjoyed the mix and thanks so much for the feedback, its cool to get peoples reactions, even more so when they've enjoyed the tunes.take care pal, steve.


glad you dug it...and me, too on the apologies for lame packaging. i'm working on that!


sorry the packaging was so laaame, i am broke :(


i am putting you may mix in the mail tomorrow. i just went on a month long vacation so i didn't get to send it yet. sorry!